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The project had as a starting point the fact that young people do like music and by this means, the multicultural Comenius project “A CHORAL SONG” aimed at different aspects in society, culture, geography, art, literature, language not at a theoretical level, but by studying songs in French, English as well as the different languages implied in the project. In such a way, the beneficiaries involved discovered their partners’ customs and culture and the fact of sharing and comparing all these contributed greatly to the personal enrichment developing cooperation, mutual understanding and shaping an open-minded attitude towards the reality beyond the local one. This has given a great opportunity to teachers and pupils, as well as to their families and to the local community to acknowledge the European diversity and richness along with the moral/ social/ cultural issues involved. The fact that the students had approximately the same age led to very similar hobbies and interests which made them get closer, befriend and cooperate in a better way and become aware that they actually share the same spirit, beyond their personal cultural backgrounds.
The partnership we have been involved in was made of ten different schools from ten different countries (Spain, Romania, France, Belgium, Turkey, Greece, Poland, Slovakia, Germany and Portugal) thus we have been involved in a culturally and linguistically diverse and very interesting partnership, moving around all over Europe, from Portugal to Turkey. The actual moving of the teachers and students groups made all barriers disappear and the common European identity converted in a very natural way into something real while work turned into cooperation and enjoyable time spent together.
Using songs in all the activities, the local as well as the common ones, attracted students and involved them in the activities and also provided an opportunity for teachers to create and use new methods of approaching languages and IT skills teaching.


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